Sun Star Lit

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We are currently closed for submissions.

Please submit no more than one discrete story or essay, 4 poems, or three pieces of visual art at a time. But for larger holistic works, particularly cross-genre works, please don't get hung up on the components.

We strongly prefer text submissions in .docx or .doc formats, but .pdfs and .rtfs are acceptable in a pinch. For cross-genre / visual art work, .pdfs and .jpegs are fine. 

We are seeking good content, regardless of length. If a work can justify a substantial length, and if it feels worth the time and space, we won't shy away--in fact we are eager to provide a home for works that may be a bit too long to place in standard journals. Should we receive a longer work that we love, but that we feel to be just too long for our regular publication (i.e. it would dominate a particular journal issue), we are open to publication as a stand-alone special.

In our current writing economy, it should go without saying, but simultaneous submissions are welcome and encouraged. Please do let us know immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

We do not charge a submission fee, though you are welcome to submit through our Tip Jar if you would like to include a donation. This option is available for generous people who feel inclined to contribute to our operating costs. Your decision to choose Tip Jar will have no impact whatsoever on your chances of having your work selected for publication.

You can check the status of your submission through Submittable at any time. 

Sun Star Lit